jesus vs satan
Find out who wins the battle for souls on twitter.
Also see Jesus vs Tebow.
Turntable lets you DJ in realtime with your friends. I worked on product & UI for Turntable with Mr. Billy Chasen.
Jump into a room and try it out:
Stickybits was an awesome mobile app that let you attach digital content to physical objects. You can read about it here. I worked on UI & product strategy for this app.
This is Sharkbites. I built a 3D shark tank and asked users to send themselves in as bait via text message. Each person who sends in a message appears as a fish in the tank and must try and survive a shark attack. Note the “mouth cam” in the top left corner which lets you watch the attack from inside the shark’s mouth. Sharkbites was created with Maya, Virtools and a little PHP. More info on the Sharkbites site here. Sharkbites was mentioned in this Media Post Blog.
i found your mitten
No one likes losing a mitten. I made this site so mittens everywhere could be reunited. Check it out here
Backchannel is a game that was created for MTV’s show “The Hills.” I helped design the interface for it when I was working with the very smart folks at Area/Code. While watching “The Hills” players assume the role of a “tagger” or a “clicker.” Taggers make snarky comments about the show while clickers promote comments they like best by clicking on them. The best tags win the most points. It’s kind of like a competitive chat room, and very fun to play. You can read more about it here.
I have also worked at Yahoo! in the Advertising Products Group on a project called APT. APT is a digital advertising platform that helps publishers & advertisers to connect to buy & sell their inventory.

While at Yahoo! I also worked on their Connected TV product. Connected TV brings the best of the internet to your television.You can browse things like Flickr, Facebook, & Ebay to name a few, all with your remote. This sort of thing is the future! Check it out here.

Photo Credit: Fred
human race
I hate being put on hold. That’s why I built this project called “The Human Race” using the open-source PBX Asterisk. Instead of being placed in a queue, The Human Race lets callers on hold compete to be the first to speak to a human.

Visit the site:, call the number onscreen, and see how you do. I presented The Human Race at O’Reilly’s Etel Conference in 2007. A few bloggers talked about it here, here, and here.
Here’s a screen shot of my thesis project (2007) called “Trigr.” I asked 35 people to document their lives at my command using camera phones. I sent several daily text messages to their cell phones which said “shoot!” which meant “take a picture” of whatever was going on in that moment. The photos were uploaded to Flickr and tagged with each user's name, date, and time of the Trigr their photo was in response to. I used the Flickr API to build it. This project was an attempt to push the social norms of photography (ie- only photographing “special moments” like vacations, birthdays, holidays, etc.) and explore whether I could connect people to each other by asking them to share moments of their lives which were not self selected. The results were pretty interesting.

I explain them all in my thesis presentation video which you can watch here.

Some quick snapshots of the project below and you can view the Flickr page here.